During the past twenty years the structure of the nuclear envelope, and in particular, that of its most distinct elements, the nuclear pore complexes, has been described from thin section electron microscopy (e.g., Brettschneider, 1952; Hartmann, 1953; Bahr and Beermann, 1954; Watson, 1954; Kautz and de Marsh, 1955; Watson, 1955), from metal-shadowed (e.g., Callan and Tomlin, 1950; Gall, 1954, 1956) and negatively stained (e.g., Franke, 1966, 1967; Gall, 1967 ; Yoo and Bayley, 1967) preparations of isolated nuclear membranes as revealing characteristics common to eukaryotic cells in general (recently reviewed, e.g., in Gouranton, 1969; Stevens and Andre, 1969; Franke, 1970).


Nickel Formaldehyde Glycerol Manifold Aldehyde 


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