Nitrogen Fixation of Azolla and its Utilization in Agriculture in China

  • Chung-Chu Liu
  • Wei-Wen Zheng


The tiny aquatic fern, Azolla is an eukaryotic fern plant associated with a prokaryotic blue-green alga. In 1785, Lamarck named Azolla as a genus under Saliviniaceae. Wettstein separated Azolla from Saliviniaceae and set up a new family, Azollaceae. In 1873, a German, Strasburger found a kind of blue-green alga which belonged to Nostocaceae, and was located in the Azolla leaf cavities and named it Anabaena azollae. For this reason, the Azolla plant has been called Azolla-Anabaena azollae association in the scientific literature (Fig. I).


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