Chitin Biosynthesis and Morphogenetic Processes

  • E. Cabib
  • J. A. Shaw
  • P. C. Mol
  • B. Bowers
  • W.-J. Choi
Part of the The Mycota book series (MYCOTA, volume 3)


Chitin, one of the most abundant substances of biological origin, is an important component of cell walls and septa of many fungi (Wessels and Sietsma 1981; Ruiz-Herrera 1992). Because walls and septa have a well-defined shape and an essential role in cell maintenance and growth, there has been increasing interest in chitin biogenesis. Thus, the synthesis of chitin in fungi has served as a useful model for morphogenesis (Cabib 1987; Cabib et al. 1982b, 1988; Bulawa 1993).


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