Biotechnology of Lignin Degradation

  • A. B. Orth
  • M. Tien
Part of the The Mycota book series (MYCOTA, volume 2)


Lignin is second only to cellulose in its abundance as a renewable carbon source. Because it serves to protect cellulose from most forms of microbial attack, its biodegradation also serves as the key to the utilization of cellulose. Lignin is a major waste product of the pulp and paper industry. Its utilization has long been envisioned and investigated. Lignin has been found to be useful as an adhesive, a metal chelator, and an emulsifier (Browning 1975). During the energy crisis of the 1970s, interest in the use of lignin as a chemical feedstock intensified (Drew et al. 1978). Many of the above applications have been patented (Drew et al. 1978). Despite its abundance, lignin has not found its way into the market as a high value product. Its predominant fate is burning for BTU value.


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