Before 1868 it was generally thought (see, e.g., Remak, 1851; Bidder and Küpffer, 1857) that the spinal ganglia arise from the mesoblast of the protoverte-brae (old term for somites). In 1868 His showed that the nerve cells of the spinal ganglia take their origin from the ectoderm, and more precisely from a thin band of ectoderm (Zwischenstrang, neural crest) flanking each side of the neural plate (Fig. 1 a) and interposed between it and the somatic ectoderm (Hornblatt). On this subject His (1879) wrote in a later paper “... die spinalen Ganglien ... aus einem schmalen Substanzstreifen hervorgehen, welche zwischen der Medullarplatte und dem Hornblatte gelegen ist und dessen Material ich als Zwischenstrang bezeichnet habe”.


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