In May of this year, a few friends, students, and colleagues from the Texas Institute for Computational Mechanics were present on the very day that Olek Zienkiewicz reached the age of 70 years. We celebrated that occasion on my ranch, west of Austin, near Marble Falls, Texas, and we all reveled and enjoyed the hiking, swimming and snorkeling in the lake, barbecue, and the general merriment with Olek and Helen, while marveling at their stamina, energy and zest for life. We were meeting there with a Chaired Professor at The University Texas, O. C. Zienkiewicz himself, the Joe C. Walter, Jr. Chair of Engineering and a member of TICOM. Olek had made his second extended visit to Austin, had taught once again his successful and highly popular course on Advanced Topics in Finite Elements, had given a rash of penetrating seminars on his research, had participated in proposal writing and lectures, and held down a variety of national and international committee assignments, while finding time in the afternoons to swim in Barton Creek, to climb the hills outside of Austin, to sail in Lake Travis, and to generally be on the go every day with something new and challenging. So it is with Olek, who has apparently found a way to avoid frailties we normally associate with threescore and ten years in the heetic business of finite element research. But indeed it is his energy and his love for challenge and competition that have not only made him the leader in this subject, but have also added to his energy and enthusiasm.


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