Summary of Panel Discussions

  • Kristan Cockerill


The 23 formal presentations at the NATO workshop, Technological Choices for Sustainability, ranged in topic from thermodynamics to pedagogy to alternative food sources and provided an incredibly rich experience for all attendees. The wealth of information and diversity of perspective were wonderfully expansive. Attempts to summarize the information presented or to describe the milieu of the meeting face a challenge similar to attempts to define “sustainability.” There was simply too much to encapsulate the concepts and interactions with a pithy statement. Yet, on the final day, as attendees gathered to provide last comments and suggestions, the discussion had a single recurring theme: communication. While there were certainly specific suggestions related to methods and tools, the comments did not dwell on technology, although this was the primary concept in the meeting’s title. The discussion rather, seemed more in touch with the second word in the title, choices.


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