Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Coloproctology

  • D. Christen


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in coloproctology are caused by a wide range of microorganisms. The clinical presentation can either reproduce specific constellations of signs or more general, nonspecific symptoms (Table 44.1). In addition to the classical sexual diseases, other organisms cause a great number of STD. The majority are presented in Table 44.1. The spectrum of organisms has grown in conjunction with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. However, not all relevant organisms are mentioned because they are not always sexually transmitted and do not primarily cause coloproctological problems. STD in coloproctology generally manifest typical clinical signs and a typical evolutionary course. Other diseases such as hepatitis, the gay bowel syndrome, and possibly also anal carcinoma, although not strictly part of the STD group of diseases, are also Sexually transmitted.


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