Prostatorectal Fistulas

  • P. Graber


Prostatorectal fistula is a rare condition. Major clinical descriptions are not found in the literature where the problem is mostly dealt with in the form of case reports. This has not always been so. The earliest known observation of such a fistula was described by Wag-nerum in 1685, and the first attempts at surgical closure were made early in the last century, namely by Ashley Cooper in 1823. Surgical treatment of the condition was always regarded as difficult and involving many obstacles and complications. This situation can be explained in part by the paucity of suitable technical aids at the time, but it must also be borne in mind that these historical cases had little in common with those encountered today. At the present time we are usually confronted with single fistulas in a more or less healthy terrain, whereas in the past the patients presented with complicated fistulas marked by sinuosities and irregularities, and accompanied by abscesses with multiple openings.


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