Complications of Anal Surgery

  • P. Aeberhard


This chapter is about avoiding and treating complications of anal surgery. For many of the conditions requiring anal surgery, the surgeon has to choose between several surgical options. Proper planning of the operation means selection of the surgical procedure which best suits the individual situation of the patient. Case-specific risk factors must be identified, and the procedure must be tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Surgeons must have sufficient knowledge about different technical solutions. This will enable them to avoid the pitfalls which are likely to result in a complicated postoperative course. Preoperative bowel preparation and perioperative antibiotics should not be restricted to patients requiring a formal colorectal resection but should be used in all patients undergoing major proctological procedures requiring extensive dissection and suturing. A clear understanding of surgical anatomy, attention to technical details, and meticulous hemostasis are essential for a successful outcome of every anorectal operation.


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