A Possibility-Based Model to Index Remote Sensing Images

  • Paola Carrara
  • Gabriella Pasi
  • Monica Pepe
  • Anna Rampini


Recently, several environmental applications took advantage of the use and analysis of remote sensing images, since they are intrinsically referred to the spatial distribution of the phenomena of interest. Remote sensing is widely employed for land monitoring, land planning and risk prevention; its ultimate aim is to identify specific image contents to create thematic maps. An efficient management of large collections of remote sensing images and effective retrieval mechanisms are therefore becoming a need, so that remote sensing images have been included in the list of Grand Challenges application fields for visual information management systems or Content-Based Information Retrieval (CBIR) systems [24]: in fact this application area justifies the use of large computers and storage capacity necessary for visual databases.


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  • Gabriella Pasi
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  • Monica Pepe
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  • Anna Rampini
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  2. 2.ITC-CNRMilanItaly

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