Dipolar Interaction and Three-dimensional Magnetic Ordering of some Chain and Layered Compounds

  • S. Ostrovsky
  • W. Haase
  • M. Drillon
  • P. Panissod


The field of molecule-based magnets involves the design and complex study of molecular compounds that exhibit a spontaneous magnetic ordering below a critical temperature. During the last two decades there is an increasing interest in the synthesis and investigation of this type of complexes as shown by a growing number of publications and review articles (see for example [1, 2]). As a class, molecule-based magnets possess many properties of organic polymeric compounds combined with the magnetic properties of classical bulk magnets that includes low specific density, flexibility, optical transparency, compatibility with polymers for composites, solubility, biocompatibility, high magnetic susceptibility etc. Many of these nonmagnetic characteristics are not available with conventional metal oxide-based magnets but are very important technological attributes. Therefore molecular magnetism is one of the most challenging research areas in the development of new technologies. For example, among the possible applications there are high-density information storage, magneto-optical devices, magnetic switches etc. Research interest in this field is motivated by the need for a better understanding of the fundamental principles that govern magnetic behavior. To synthesize new improved molecular magnetic materials with specific magnetic and electronic properties a deeper insight into the relation between the molecular structures and the macroscopic physical properties is required.


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  • S. Ostrovsky
  • W. Haase
  • M. Drillon
  • P. Panissod

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