The organizational and legal instruments available for harmonizing Polish environmental law with EC environmental law

  • Jerzy Sommer
Conference paper
Part of the Environmental Protection in the European Union book series (ENVPROTEC, volume 1)


The approximation of national law to the EC law is one of the main obligation of Memberstates. In spite of long practice of approximation there are many controversies. These controversies are reflected in terminology. There are used also such terms as implementation, harmonization, application. The core meaning of the term (approximation) and others used in this context is an assurance that EC law is effectively apply in the national law systems (C. Mike, Europejskie prawo wspólnotowe. Zagadnienia teorii i praktyki. Tom I, C. H. Beck, Warszawa 2000, p. 663 ff.). But the effective implementation of EC law to national law is not the easy task from the point of theory of law as well as from the point of view of practice. It is connected inter alia with the differentiation of the EC Law (the primary law versus secondary law, which also is differentiated).


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