Real-Time Optimization in the Automated Manufacturing Research Facility

  • Wayne J. Davis
  • Richard H. F. Jackson
  • Albert T. Jones
Part of the Progress in Materials Handling and Logistics book series (LOGISTICS, volume 1)


A major manufacturing researchfacility has been established at the National Institute of Standards and Technology1. The Automated Manufacturing Research Facility has been designed to address the standards and measurement needs for the factory of the future. A five-layer hierarchical planning/control architecture is under development to manage production and support activities. A three layer architecture is being developed to manage the data requirements of the modules within that hierarchy. Each of these architectures contain functions that require the solution to one or more optimization problems. This chapter describes the production planning/control and the data management architectures, the optimization problems contained within those architectures, and the work underway to address some of those problems.


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  • Wayne J. Davis
    • 1
  • Richard H. F. Jackson
    • 2
  • Albert T. Jones
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  1. 1.University of IllinoisUSA
  2. 2.National Institute of Standards and TechnologyUSA

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