Preconditioned Splitting in Dynamic Iteration Schemes for Coupled DAE Systems in RC Network Design

  • Michael Günther
Conference paper
Part of the The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry book series (MATHINDUSTRY, volume 5)


Complex technical systems are often composed of independently modeled subsystems. This co-modeling ansatz is naturally accomplished by a co-simulation algorithm based on dynamic iteration, where the respective DAE submodels are solved iteratively. For index one RC-network designs, we show that dynamic iteration can be stabilized using a preconditioned splitting scheme which employs only topological network information.


Multibody System Domain Decomposition Method Full Column Rank Dynamic Iteration Splitting Approach 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Michael Günther
    • 1
  1. 1.Fachbereich Mathematik, Arbeitsgruppe Angewandte Mathematik/NumerikBergische Universität WuppertalWuppertalGermany

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