Ultrafast Formation of Quasiparticles in Semiconductors: How Bare Charges Get Dressed

  • Markus Betz
  • Rupert Huber
  • Florian Tauser
  • Andreas Brodschelm
  • Alfred Leitenstorfer
  • Paul Gartner
  • Ladislaus Bányai
  • Hartmut Haug


The feintosecond dressing of bare particles in semiconductors represents a new playground for solid-state physics. Employing ultrafast spectroscopic techniques, the corresponding formation of correlations between charge carriers and collective excitations of the system may be studied in detail. Two important examples are discussed: (i) The transition of bare charge carriers to polarons and (ii) the buildup of screening in a dense electron-hole plasma. Our experimental findings call for a sophisticated quantum kinetic treatment beyond the Kadanoff-Bayn, ansatz.


Heavy Hole Bare Charge Polaron Coupling Screen Cloud Quantum Kinetic Theory 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Markus Betz
  • Rupert Huber
  • Florian Tauser
  • Andreas Brodschelm
  • Alfred Leitenstorfer
  • Paul Gartner
  • Ladislaus Bányai
  • Hartmut Haug

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