Integrated Investigations on Landslides — The Example of the Super Sauze Earthflow

  • J.-C. Flageollet
  • J.-P. Malet
  • O. Maquaire
  • M. Schmutz
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In the southern French Alps in general, and particularly in the Barcelonnette basin, the landslides are frequent in the Callovo-Oxfordian marls. The Super Sauze landslide is an interesting example of the complex landslides that occurred in clays or marls, with flows following a slide, flow taken in accordance with the terminology defined in Landslide recognition, edited by the International Association of Geomorphologists (Publication no. 5, Report no. 1 of the European Commission Environment Programme, Contract No. EV5V-CT94-0 454). It seemed to us essential to complete the data used in the various tests, calculations and models carried out on similar landslides in the basin by several authors, in view of a more accurate prevision of the hazard.


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  • J.-P. Malet
  • O. Maquaire
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