Performance measurement

  • Yann Collette
  • Patrick Siarry
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To measure the performance of a multiobjective optimization method, we must have some “measurement instruments”. We have mainly used the performance indices presented in [Van Veldhuizen 99].


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Annotated bibliography

  1. [Van Veldhuizen 99]
    This thesis provides an inventory of some metrics used for the performance measurement of multiobjective optimization methods.Google Scholar
  2. [Zitzler et al. 99]
    In this paper, a performance metric is presented which has, since that paper, often been used to perform comparisons between optimization methods.Google Scholar
  3. [Cooper et al. 00]
    This is a book about data envelopment analysis. This field is related to performance analysis of economic systems using the DEA method. It is a fairly new field, but the method used there can be easily transposed to multiobjective optimization. This book also describes the difficulties we can face when we try to measure the performance of a system.Google Scholar
  4. [Hooker 95]
    This paper criticizes the tests actually performed to evaluate the performance of optimization methods. It proposes a new way to evaluate the performance of optimization methods.Google Scholar

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