Design Methodologies

  • Stefan Bussmann
  • Nicholas R. Jennings
  • Michael Wooldridge
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The need for methodologies in software development was already recognised in the late 1960s (Dijkstra 1968; Wirth 1971; Parnas 1972) and led to the introduction of the field of software engineering (Sommerville 1995). Since then, many methodologies have been proposed for the different phases of software development. In particular, there are a large number of methodologies for designing software systems, the most prominent probably being structured and object-oriented design methodologies. Many of these design methodologies claim to be applicable to any (software) design problem and must consequently also be applicable to the design of agent-based production control systems. This chapter will therefore review the main existing design methodologies that are potentially applicable to agent-based production control systems and will assess to what extent these methodologies are able to support adequately the design of such systems.


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