Tumours of the Lateral Ventricles in Adults — Pre-Operative Anatomical and Histological Diagnosis — Surgical Implications

  • J. Philippon
  • M. Rivierez
  • D. Gardeur
  • A. Nachanakian
  • B. Pertuiset


Tumours of the lateral ventricle, however different in their topography and histological nature, have certain characteristics in common the knowledge of which is of great importance to the neurosurgeon. Is removal partially or totally possible ? This depends first upon the type but also upon the exact location and especially the anatomical relation with the caudate nucleus, fornix and thalamus on their inferior side, with the corpus callosum on the superior. Is this relation simply a superficial adherence or a deep penetration ?


Lateral Ventricle Caudate Nucleus Intracranial Hypertension Tuberous Sclerosis Frontal Horn 
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  • J. Philippon
  • M. Rivierez
  • D. Gardeur
  • A. Nachanakian
  • B. Pertuiset

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