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Special Techniques

  • C. W. Passchier
  • R. A. J. Trouw


The study of microstructures in thin sections under the petrographic microscope can give a lot of information for thematic and tectonic studies but has its limitations. In many cases, additional information has to be gathered by other techniques. In this chapter, we wish to give the reader an outline of some other analytical laboratory techniques that use geometries for the study of tectonics. We indicate what problems can be studied by these techniques, which type of materials can be studied and which type of samples are needed; and finally, what the limitations of the different techniques are. The aim is to allow the reader to assess whether other techniques can help him to solve his problem and, if so, what material has to be prepared. We do not treat microprobe analysis or field techniques since they are sufficiently covered in other textbooks.


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