The Classification of Microgliomatosis with Particular Reference to Diffuse Microgliomatosis

  • Hume Adams
Part of the Acta Neuropathologica book series (NEUROPATHOLOGIC, volume 6)


In 13 of 14 autopsied cases of microgliomatosis, there was macroscopic ev. d. nce of tumour in the brain. In 11 of these 13 cases, microscopical examination disclosed many other small foci of microgliomatosis. In the brain which appeared normal macroscopically, there was only diffuse microgliomatosis. This was histologically indistinguishable from that found in the cases with distinct masses of tumour.

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Microgliomatosis Tumoural Form Diffuse Type Reticulum Cell Sarcoma Lymphoproliterative Disorders 


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