Fe—Ga Iron—Gallium

  • Ortrud Kubaschewski von Goldbeck


The Fe-Ga phase diagram shown in Fig.21 is based primarily on a publication by Köster and Gödecke [1, 2] who investigated the complete system but concentrated on the 10–50 at. % Ga range and incorporated information reported by Wachtel and Maier [3], Dasarathy and Hume-Rothery [4], Meissner and Schubert [5] and others.


Peritectic Reaction Homogeneity Range Second Order Reaction Thermal Arrest Rare Earth Alloy 
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  1. 1.Metallurgie der Kernbrennstoffe und Theoretische HüttenkundeRWTH AachenAachenFederal Republic of Germany

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