Strategy of Inventing

  • Michael A. Orloff


TRIZ cannot predict the future, although you can use it to make a prognosis about the development of every technical system.


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  1. 57.
    In 1964, the physicists N. Bassov, A. Prokhorov (both ex-USSR) and Ch. Townes (USA) received the Nobel prize for the development of the laser principleGoogle Scholar
  2. 58.
    Herbert Wells (1866–1948) — known English novel and science fiction authorGoogle Scholar
  3. 59.
    A.Tolstoj (1883–1945) — known Russian author who wrote the novel „Peter the Great“ and the fantasy novelle „The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin”Google Scholar
  4. 60.
    Erich von Däniken (1935, Switzerland) — well-known researcher of phenomena from ancient civilizations and from visits by extra-terrestrialsGoogle Scholar

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