Outline of a Study on the Immediate and Longterm Ill-Effects of a Plant Shutdown in a Rural Community

  • Heikki Salovaara
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics book series (LNMED, volume 21)


The setting of the research project:
  • Olofström, a community in Southern Sweden with 15.400 inhabitants, of these 10.000 in the township of Olofström.

  • In this community there are 7.500 salaried workers,of them 4.000 employed at the local VOLVO factory not included in the study.

  • There are some 430 unemployed = approx. 5 % at the present, and a comparable level of unemployment in the region giving a total of over 2.000 unemployed competing for presently available 12 jobs within a community distance of 30 miles from Olofström.

  • The big multinational telecommunications company LM Ericscon has a plant at Olofström employing about 550 persons (85 % women) 1976, but only 250 (80 % women) 1981. During a period of relative uncertainty 1976–81 300 have left their jobs.

  • The company decided to shut down the plant in question: 100 must leave by April 1st, 1982. The other 150 by December 31st, 1982.

  • The employees included in this study have been extensively studied by the Occupational Health Centre with a lot of base-line data available from the years 1972–81.

  • It is possible to find a group of 250 matched controls not experiencing job loss and with the same kind of base line data as the LM-group. These could be picked out from the collective of 2.700 employees served by the Centre.

  • Another control group could be found from an array of joblosers in the neighbouring and entirely comparable communities in plants not served by the Centre. They could be used as controls for intervention effects.

  • A parallel study should be made of the 300 who left the plant in question 1976–81.


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