Soft Tissue Lymphoma

  • P. Bracke
  • F. Vanhoenacker
  • A. M. De Schepper


Lymphoma can involve any part of the musculoskeletal system. Primary lymphoma has been described involving the skin, subcutaneous tissues (mycosis fungoides), muscles, synovium, nerve roots and bone. Secondary lymphomatous involvement of the musculoskeletal system is common, while primary malignant soft tissue lymphoma is rare and accounts for only 0.1–2 % of soft tissue tumors [15, 23]. An increased incidence has been noted in recent years, possibly related to an increase in the number of immunocompromised patients [18]. Almost all cases described in the literature and reflected in our series are non-Hodgkin lymphomas, the majority of the B-cell type. Histological grading into low-grade, intermediate-grade and high-grade lymphoma is found throughout case reports and the literature [21, 23].


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