Review of “A Perspective of Physics”

  • Rudolf Peierls
  • E. P. Wigner
Part of the Historical, Philosophical, and Socio-Political Papers book series (WIGNER, volume B / 7)


It is a truly remarkable book. Its main content is a selection of articles from the five journals: Comments of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Comments on Solid State Physics, on Astrophysics, on Atomic and Molecular Physics, and on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. It contains about five articles from each of these journals — altogether 27 articles, chosen by Rudolf Peierls. All these articles are interesting although it is not clear how the about five of each were chosen from the about 50 that appeared in each of these journals in 1977. But the most interesting part of the book is the about 25-page Introduction written by Peierls. This reviews all the five areas which are the subjects of the five Comments journals.

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  • Rudolf Peierls
  • E. P. Wigner

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