Review of “Random Matrices and the Statistical Theory of Energy Levels”

  • M. L. Mehta
  • E. P. Wigner
Part of the Historical, Philosophical, and Socio-Political Papers book series (WIGNER, volume B / 7)


This book summarizes the work of the last 8 or 10 years on random matrices and presents its results in a coherent fashion. It may serve as a substitute for the collection of original papers, edited by Charles E. Porter and published about 2 years earlier, also by the Academic Press. However, the introductory review to this earlier book, written by Porter, remains rewarding reading even now. On the other hand, Mehta’s book contains a good many new results, due principally to himself, which were, naturally, not anticipated in Porter’s collection. It also gives a more accurate picture of older work than Porter’s collection of new articles could give.

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  • M. L. Mehta
  • E. P. Wigner

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