E. P. Wigner’s Comments at the Roundtable Discussion at the Conference on Nuclear Cross Sections and Technology

  • Jagdish Mehra
Part of the Historical, Philosophical, and Socio-Political Papers book series (WIGNER, volume B / 7)


I am very grateful for the invitation to this conference. We all learned a great deal about nuclear physics and about nuclear reactors — and even about subjects outside the area of these. If I have any criticism it is that we were not exposed to more what I would call crazy ideas. Only two occur to me. The first of these is the fast breeder reactor, slow blanket proposal advanced by Tang and by Otterville and also considered by General Atomics. This is a very attractive idea. The other one is a suggestion made by McNally to devise fusion reactors without H3. This is an interesting suggestion, well worth looking into.


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