Approximation numbers of Sobolev embeddings

  • David E. Edmunds
  • W. Desmond Evans
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Suppose |Ω| < ∞ and let W 1 p ,c (Ω) denote the quotient space W 1 p (Ω)/C with norm
$$ \parallel \left[ f \right]\parallel W_{p,C}^1(\Omega )\parallel : = \parallel \nabla f{\parallel _{p,}}\Omega , $$
where [•] denotes an equivalence class in W 1 p ,c (Ω) of functions which differ a.e. by a constant. The quotient space L p (Ω)/C will be denoted by Lp,c(Ω) and its norm by
$$ \parallel \left[ f \right]\parallel {L_{_{P,C}}}(\Omega )\parallel \equiv \parallel \left[ f \right]{\parallel _{p,\Omega }}: = \mathop {\lim }\limits_{c \in \mathbb{C}} \parallel f - c{\parallel _{p,\Omega .}} $$


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