Poincaré and Hardy inequalities

  • David E. Edmunds
  • W. Desmond Evans
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Spectral matters form a powerful motivation for the study of these inequalities. Thus let Ω be an open subset of Rn with volume |Ω| and let Δ D,Ω ,Δ N,Ω be respectively the Dirichlet Laplacian and the Neumann Laplacian on Ω. We recall that —Δ D,Ω is the Friedrichs extension of -Δ on C 0(Ω) and that its domain D(—Δ D,Ω )is contained in the Sobolev space W 1 2(Ω): v is the Dirichlet Laplacian of u ∈ D(—Δ D,Ω ), v = Δu, if it belongs to L 1, 1oc (Ω) and for all φC 0(Ω),
$$ \int\limits_\Omega {\nabla u.\nabla \emptyset dx = - \int\limits_\Omega \upsilon } \emptyset dx. $$


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