Organogallium Pseudohalides

  • Jean-Claude Maire
  • Ulrich Krüerke
  • Marlis Mirbach
  • Wolfgang Petz
  • Christa Siebert
Part of the Gmelin Handbook of Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry - 8th edition book series (GMELIN, volume G-a / 1- / 1)


The organogallium pseudohalides are all of the type GaR2X. They are listed in Table 28 by their monomer formula, but they are oligomeric as far as molecular weights could be determined in solution or were suggested by spectroscopic properties. The preparations of the compounds are described in the further information section.


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  • Jean-Claude Maire
    • 1
  • Ulrich Krüerke
  • Marlis Mirbach
  • Wolfgang Petz
  • Christa Siebert
  1. 1.Université d’Aix-MarseilleFrance

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