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Effect of Gallopamil on Coronary Arteries and Haemodynamics

  • H. Sebening
  • E. Sauer
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The dilator effect of Ca2+ antagonists on coronary arteries and on the peripheral vascular bed has been known for a long time. Marked coronary dilatation has been reported for diltiazem and nifedipine; this effect is less pronounced with verapamil. Rafflenbeul and Lichtlen have reported only recently (1982) a 29% increase in the calibre of some coronary stenoses after sublingual nifedipine. The same stenoses showed a 33% dilatation after sublingual nitroglycerin. In addition, the authors found that nifedipine and nitroglycerin had an additive effect, enlarging the calibre of coronary stenoses by 48%. This study was to find out whether the calibre of coronary arteries and coronary stenoses is affected by intravenous gallopamil, and how the haemodynamics respond.


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  • E. Sauer

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