What should be the future strategy?

  • Sven Effert
  • M. Verstraete
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According to Norbert Wiehner, the creator of cybernetics, intrapolation is from God, and extrapolation from the devil. The study of the future is a difficult science. The short term predictions are almost always wrong, and the long term predictions cannot be tested. But when I remain near the present repetitions are unavailable. The thrombolytic agent of the 1990s will surely be an intravenous preparation with high clot selectivity, despite the fact that all of the presently available intravenous thrombolytic agents have a lower success rate than intracoronary streptokinase. The agent of choice is rt-PA at this time; clinical data concerning pro-urokinase and other agents will soon be available.


Cholesterol Pancreatitis Plasminogen Toll Streptokinase 


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