Source of Inorganic and Organic Nutrients and Interaction with Photons

  • Christian E. W. Steinberg


Dissolved HS comprise incompletely oxidized carbon. Therefore, HS have the potential to act as substrates for oxidations. Thess processes can be carried out by light or by microorganisms under oxygenated conditions. Usually photooxidation precedes microbial usage. When light is absorbed by the HS, a series of physical and above all, physico-chemical processes such as photolysis occurs. These processes have direct and indirect effects on the biota of lakes and rivers, especially on the heterotrophs. The complexity of these photochemical processes are described and their ecological role understood incrementally. Our present knowledge still gives an incomplete picture, which will gradually be completed.


Photosynthetically Active Radiation Dissolve Organic Nitrogen Dissolve Organic Matter Organic Nutrient Quantitative Structure Property Relationship 
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