Climatic Conditions

  • Heinrich Walter
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The typical climatic diagram for this zonobiome shows a very high rainfall for all months of the year and an almost horizontal curve for the mean monthly temperature, which is around 27°C in low-lying areas (Fig. 1.1). Daily temperature fluctuations are, by contrast, far greater, the mean annual value varying from 6° to 12°C. When accurate data are available, this mean value is recorded on the climatic diagram, left of the temperature curve; the absolute maximum and the mean daily maximum of the warmest month are also recorded (above on the ordinate), as are the average daily minimum of the coldest month and the absolute minimum (below on the ordinate). Absolute fluctuations in temperature at the equator can, even at sea level, be 13–18°C. This can easily be overlooked, if the monthly average alone is taken into account. This is a diurnal climate.


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