The Quantitative Determination of the Crystalline and the Amorphous Content by the Rietveld Method: Application to Glass Ceramics with Different Absorption Coefficients

  • A. F. Gualtieri
  • A. Guagliardi
  • A. Iseppi
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 68)


The Rietveld method provides an accurate determination of the crystalline and the amorphous fractions in polyphase mixtures. To determine the content of the amorphous phase, the sample is diluted with an internal standard which is considered as a component itself and refined with the other phases. Although the method is accurate for systems containing crystalline and amorphous phases with an absorption coefficient comparable to that of the standard, it was not thoroughly tested for systems containing a weakly or highly absorbing amorphous phase. Commonly, this is the case for glass ceramics which may contain elements with fairly different atomic number.


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  • A. Guagliardi
  • A. Iseppi

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