Distribution of the temperature in a symmetric constriction with circular contact surface at given current

  • Ragnar Holm


The aim of the present problem is to determine the position of any isotherm characterized by its temperature, T, or its supertemperature, ϑ. The position can be defined geometrically by the parameter, μ, in Eq. (4.10), or, in cases when the simplified calculation according to Fig. (1.02) is employed, by the distance r from the center of the contact to the respective isotherm. It may be more convenient and just as satisfactory to define the position by R μ (ϱ 0 λ 0)/R(ϱ 0 λ 0), the ratio between the resistance in the unheated partial constriction between the contact surface and the equipotential characterized by μ, and R(ϱ 0 λ 0) the total constriction resistance in the unheated member considered1.


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