Brain Biopsy

  • J. H. Garcia
  • J. Cervós-Navarro


Because of ethical implications, a decision to biopsy the brain must be considered carefully by the patient (if capable of making the decision), the next of kin, the neurologist, the surgeon, and the pathologist. A careful appraisal must be made as to whether the purpose of the biopsy is diagnostic, as in the case of organic dementia, or therapeutic. Persistent deficits or death as a complication of brain biopsies are extremely unlikely (less than 1.0%), but the probability of arriving at a conclusive diagnosis through a brain biopsy is not high, especially when the evaluation is done only with the light microscope. In some patients, the brain may be biopsied during the early stages of a disease, (i.e., when the lesion is difficult to recognize by light microscopy alone). Moreover, expectations for therapeutic benefits in the cases where the diagnosis is feasible are relatively low.103


Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Giant Cell Arteritis Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy Arachnoid Cyst Pompe Disease 
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