Pentanuclear Compound

  • Ulf Thewalt
  • Reinhard Hemmer
Part of the Ti. Titan. Titanium (System-Nr. 41) book series (GMELIN, volume T-i / 1-5 / 5)


(π-C5H5)5Ti5S6 (Formula I). This cluster compound can be prepared in 73% yield by the reaction between (π-C5H5)2Ti(CO)2 and gaseous H2S (6.4:7.7) in toluene at 80°C for 72 h. It is dark green-brown, moderately air-sensitive and very soluble in toluene. Large crystals are obtained when the toluene solution is layered with hexane [1, 2].


Bond Distance Unpaired Electron Large Crystal Weak Absorption Toluene Solution 
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