Thiooximes and Derivatives

  • Norbert Baumann
  • Hans-Jürgen Fachmann
  • Reimund Jotter
  • Alfons Kubny
Part of the S. Schwefel. Sulfur (System-Nr. 9) book series (GMELIN, volume S / S-N / 11)


Despite the fact that oximes are one of the best known carbonyl derivatives, only a few sulfur-analog thiooximes are known because of their instability. The existence of thiooximate ions could be established by certain reactions: for example, CH2=NS was formed in the gaseous phase by an ion-molecule reaction.


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  • Norbert Baumann
  • Hans-Jürgen Fachmann
  • Reimund Jotter
  • Alfons Kubny

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