The vascularity-related bone disorders of bone scintigraphic concern include avascular osteonecrosis, bone infarction, dysbaric osteonecrosis, hyperemic and congestive osteoporosis, congestive periostitis, and periostitis of Bürger’s disease. The bone scan augmented with nuclear angiography and pinhole technique appears to be the method of choice in these conditions because scintigraphy is not only sensitive and often specific but also panoramic, noninvasive, and easily repeatable in a day or two when necessary. In particular, pinhole scintigraphy has been valued for its usefulness in the preradiographic detection of avascularity and subsequently for the assessment of revascularization. The study can also depict the peculiar tracer uptake in regional osteoporosis as well as in the periostitis associated with the anoxia in the venous stagnation and arteritis obliterans (Bürger’s disease).


Femoral Head Tracer Uptake Femoral Neck Fracture Avascular Necrosis Bone Marrow Edema 
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