Integration Issues of CMP

  • K. M. Robinson
  • K. DeVriendt
  • D. R. Evans
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 69)


When CMP was introduced, its first role was to planarize ILD films to enable multiple levels beyond two or three of metal interconnects. As with any other step in semiconductor processing, the presence of any CMP step comes with a significant number of integration issues, and their associated performance tradeoffs. This chapter addresses those issues and tradeoffs. Though there are a number of integration issues that are common to all CMP steps, such as defect reduction, in general, each type of CMP, such as tungsten CMP or STI CMP, has issues that are specific to that specific step. For that reason the chapter is grouped into the major CMP process types: oxide, tungsten, STI and copper. There are other CMP processes, but these four areas cover most of the issues with the more uncommon processes, such as poly-silicon CMP.


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