Branching During Dewetting and Wetting

  • C. Misbah
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Wetting and spreading of a liquid film is an important problem in technical science (properties of lubricants, paints and so forth). At the same time it raises a fundamental problem of nonequilibrium statistical and hydrodynamical nature. Extensive studies have been devoted to various properties of wetting [1], dewetting and dynamics of spreading. Langevin (stochastic) equations, as well as Monte-Carlo simulations [2] and hydrodynamical [3] models have been used to study spreading of a droplet on a substrate. It has been shown that the film front advances in such a way that the radius grows with time like1t. Moreover it has been admitted since a long time (and often supported by several observations) that the film contour remains rather circular (except in the presence of pinning centres).


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