Drug Delivery Systems for Localized Treatment of Disease

  • James S. Marotta
Part of the Biological and Medical Physics, Biomedical Engineering book series (BIOMEDICAL)


Localized diseases are often treated with the systemic administration of therapeutic agents, thereby exposing the entire patient’s body to these powerful drugs. One example of this is the use of chemotherapy to treat localized solid tumors, such as breast cancer, which involves the aggressive and repeated intravenous administration of near-toxic levels of drugs. Often, the drugs used to treat these diseases have severe side effects and can cause damage to vital organs. These systemic treatments often require constant monitoring of drug levels during an expensive and extended hospital stay. In some cases, low concentrations of drug are delivered to the site of disease in stark contrast to the high systemic levels experienced by the patient. The creation of a drug delivery system or device that can release a therapeutic level of drug in the local area of injury over a prolonged period of time could liberate patients from the systemic effects of intravenous treatment, lessen the hospital burden, and increase the effectiveness of treatment. It is the goal of this chapter to give a general review of the types of drug delivery systems available and discuss the clinical application of these systems to treat localized disease states.


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