The MPEG Data Stream

  • Walter Fischer
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The abbreviation MPEG, first of all, stands for Moving Pictures Experts Group (Fig. 3.1), that is to say MPEG deals mainly with the digital transmission of moving pictures. However, the data signal defined in the MPEG-2 Standard can also generally carry data which have nothing at all to do with video and audio and could be Internet data, for example. And indeed, throughout the world there are MPEG applications in which it would be futile to look for video and audio signals. Thus, in Wollongong, about 70 km south of Sydney in Australia, an Australian pay TV provider is operating a pure datacasting service using MPEG-2 data signals via MMDS (Microwave Multipoint Distribution System). “Austar” are here providing their customers with fast Internet links in the Mbit/s range.


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