Relations to Monitor Manifolds

  • Vladimir D. Liseikin
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An arbitrary physical geometry is considered in modern grid technology as an n-dimensional surface S xn , in particular, a domain (curve or line in the one-dimensional case) whose mathematical representation is formulated locally in a general parametric form
$$X(S):\mathop s\nolimits^N \to \mathop R\nolimits^{n + \mathop n\nolimits_o} ,s = (\mathop S\nolimits^1 ,...,\mathop S\nolimits^n),x(\mathop x\nolimits^1 ,...\mathop x\nolimits^{n + \mathop n\nolimits_o})$$
where x(s) is a smooth transformation of rank n, while S n R n is a parametric domain.


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