On the Oscillations of the Black Sea Level in the Holocene Period from an Archaeological Viewpoint

  • Blagoje Govedarica
Part of the Natural Science in Archaeology book series (ARCHAEOLOGY)


The author presents and discusses from an archaeological perspective the results of research on oscillations in the level of the Black Sea that have been carried out in the area of the former Soviet Union, Romania and Bulgaria. Controversies over the time of the first intrusion of salt water into the Black Sea depression are emphasized as well as the problem of the reliability of the chronological diagrams developed by Russian researchers. Archaeological data are then presented, which confirm the existence of the so-called Fedorov Transgression and justifies its more precise dating in the fourth millennium B.C.


Water Level World Ocean Holocene Period Regressive Phasis American Geologist 
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  • Blagoje Govedarica
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  1. 1.Institut für Ur- und FrühgeschichteUniversität HeidelbergHeidelbergGermany

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