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Sonography is usually not performed in the mediastinum. However, its application in this location can be very worthwhile. As early as in 1971, Goldberg pointed out the suprasternal sonographic access to the mediastinum. In the 1970s, the procedure was nearly forgotten outside of cardiology. In the mid-1980s, sonography of the mediastinum was researched in pediatrics (Lengerke and Schmid 1988; Liu et al. 1988), as well as in adult medicine and its efficiency was proved (Braun 1983; Hecke-mann 1983; Blank 1986; Wernicke 1986; Brügge-mann et al. 1991). In the following years, the diagnostic potential of sonography was systematically researched (Heizel 1985; Wernicke 1986,1991). Further possibilities were disclosed by the application of color-Doppler sonography (Betsch 1994; Dietrich et al. 1997, 1999).


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