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  • Elbio Dagotto
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In this chapter, we present a list of “things we know” and “things we do not know” about manganites and related compounds. The chapter is informally organized to keep the discussion fluid. When results are mentioned that have already been considered in previous chapters, the associated references and details are omitted to avoid repetition. The reader can form a better opinion about the statements in this chapter by reading the appropriate chapters in the present book. Some of the comments and ideas are somewhat sketchy, but this is natural when addressing issues that are still not understood. Also, some items reflect the personal opinion of the author and may be debatable. An important portion of the chapter discusses results for other families of compounds that exhibit similarities with manganites. It is conceivable that the knowledge accumulated in Mn oxides may be applicable to the famous high-T c cuprates, as well as other materials discussed here and in Chap. 20. Coexisting nanoclusters appear to be a common phenomenon of a variety of compounds, and “colossal” effects of one form or another could be expected. There is plenty of work ahead, and surprises waiting to be unveiled.


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